“Freeway Frida” Rescued After Five Weeks on Highway Median

The sweet-but-tough German shepherd that survived more than a month trapped on a northern California freeway median after falling from the back of a pickup truck has at last been rescued.

Affectionately nicknamed “Freeway Frida,” the first calls about her came into the Galt Police Department dispatch center on April 10.

“People have been calling the police department reporting that they keep seeing this dog, but every time we’re out there, we can never find the dog,” Galt police officer Sylvia Coelho told FOX40 News.

The call that finally led to the rescue came early Saturday morning. Coelho responded along with fellow Galt police Officer Hill. Cornered amid the dense oleander of the media, “Frida” was snared. She fought a little bit at first, Coelho said.

“But then she subsided and just laid down, and those big brown eyes were looking up at us like ‘please help me,’” she said.

Now recovering at VCA Bradshaw Animal Hospital in Elk Grove, she will soon be undergoing surgery to treat a leg fracture the vet believes she suffered when she fell from the vehicle.

“The way that she acted when she came in here, you could tell that she was looking for a home,” said Dr. Mike Johnson.

Frida is eating well and putting on the pounds, though a good 20 pounds underweight for a German shepherd of her size. Her age has been estimated at 5 or 6. Johnson speculates that although malnourished, she was able to find a food source while on the media.

“I don’t know if it was garbage or what.”

Coelho believes the on-and-off rain helped the dog stay hydrated.

Frida is sweet, domesticated and well trained but was not micro-chipped. Anyone with information about who she belongs to is encouraged to contact the Galt Police Department

“I think she’s got a good soul,” Johnson said. “Just one of those kinds of dogs.”

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