Freezing Weak Pitbull Rescued From Alley Makes An Incredible Transformation

Rescuers saved a freezing pitbull discovered in an ally and nursed her back to health. The poor dog was so emaciated and weak, she couldn’t lift her head, but within months, she looked like a whole new dog.

The pittie, named Arugula, was discovered by a team from One Tail At A Time. She was found wrapped in a blanket, left in an ally to die.

When Heidi from the rescue approached her, the poor dog was too weak to even lift her head. Realizing how dire the situation was, Heidi and the rest of the rescue team rushed Argulua to the emergency vet for care.

The dog was so skinny her ribs were sticking out, and she was so weak, it took days for her to stand on her own legs.

Thankfully, by the end of the emergency visit, Arugula was able to take a few steps on her own. However, her journey didn’t stop there. She would need months of treatment and care to recover and gain her full strength back.

Once she was stable enough to leave the care of the veterinarian, Arugula began making progress in a warm, safe foster home.

She was still incredibly weak and underweight, but her foster family worked with her to gain back not only her strength but her confidence and personality as well.

Little by little, Arugula began to improve, and eventually, she was ready to find her loving forever family.

It’s incredible to think it’s the same dog they found in an ally not that long ago!

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