French Bulldog Dresses As Chucky And Wins Halloween

A French Bulldog named Romeo is going viral for his hilarious (and a little bit freaky) Halloween costume. The adorable 11-month-old puppy is creating the Internet sensation because he’s dressed up as Chucky, the demonic doll / fictional character of the Child’s Play slasher film franchise.

Vanesa Cheng, Romeo’s human, filmed the puppy running around looking adorably terrifying as he wields his foam knife and sports the shocking orange hair of Chucky. She joked that Romeo is getting ready for Halloween.

“I’m not a huge horror movie fan — but I just thought Romeo’s eyes matched the outfit,” Cheng told the New York Post. Romeo also sports the ginger hair quite well too, don’t you think?

But no one need worry. Just like his namesake, Romeo is more a lover than a freaky killer.

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