French Bulldog wants To Go On The Couch. Then He Did Something. Try Not Smiling.

This is one of the most adorable videos of dogs around the internet. This little French Bulldog is too cute, you would want to be with this little guy somehow. This cutie asks to go on the couch while making the cutest sounds that just make you want to cry and reach out and hug him. He sounds like a little baby who is just trying to have fun but his little body does not allow him to get through the obstacles in his way. This goes on for quite a little while and what happens towards the end is unbelievably adorable and brings tears to your eyes.

After a little while of looking adorably helpless and requesting his human companion to help him up to the couch, he starts sounding like a baby who argues with his parents over candy. He makes quite a concrete argument in his little puppy voice complaining to his companion who just would not help him get up to the couch. This is one of the cutest dog videos around and it is bound to make you feel the emotional. Go ahead and see the video to witness the truckload of cuteness that is this little dog.
[youtube id=”mvNKbOvFQI4″]

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