This Frenchie Is Terrified of Something. When You Realize What It Is You’ll Laugh Out Loud!

While some dogs are fearless and bold, others scare more easily. I’m sure you’ve seen dogs who get scared over the tiniest thing! In fact, most huge dogs, like Great Danes for example, tend to be scared of things that are much smaller than them. I’ve even seen dogs who are scared of random things like balloons, teddy bears, and even pictures in a magazine.

But this cute little Frenchie is scared of something that his own body has produced…can you guess what it is?

Okay, I’ll just tell you…he’s scared of his own farts! Yup, you heard that right. He’s about to do his business, but then he let out a squeaky little fart that scared the bejesus out of him! It even made him jump and turn around to see what’s going on. Poor guy, he’s just trying to go potty. Watch the video below to see the hilariously adorable footage:

[youtube id=”EN1KigdIahc”]

Awww…poor baby! I’m sure he’s not the only dog who’s scared of his own farts! Is your dog afraid of something small or unusual? Share in the comments below?

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