Fridge Raiding Dog Busted By Owner Using Mini Cam


Allie is a smart cookie, much to the chagrin of her human.  He just could not figure out how Allie was able to raid the fridge and freezer when he was away.  So, he bought one of the more popular video camera called a GoPro Mini Cam and set it up fixed on the fridge in the kitchen.  After going out one day and leaving Allie home, he came back and checked the video on the memory card.


While the camera records, we can see Allie come into frame.  For whatever reason, she tips the garbage can, and then rummages for a bit.  After seemingly to decide that what’s in the trash is not very good, see turns her efforts to the freezer, located near the bottom of the appliance.


After getting the freezer drawer open, she begins to pull out some very tasty looking meats stored within.  She then uses the opened freezer drawer as a step ladder, and makes her way into the fridge area up top. At this point, Allie seems comfortable just grabbing a drawer in the fridge with her teeth, and yanking it out the entire way.  With plenty to choose from now all around her, she begins to look for something really good to eat.


Allie proceeds to make many trips into and out of the shot, presumably carrying some food to store away for later snacking. All the while, food continues to mingle with the rubbish from the trash bin on the floor, and the whole kitchen floor is covered. However, this is still not the best part.

He human’s reaction to all of this is with a complete lack of surprise. He comes in, and the kitchen looks like a disaster zone. Food and garbage all over, and a somewhat self-satisfied looking and adorable dog amidst the chaos. Well, at least the mystery of the messy kitchen is now solved. And Allie would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those pesky mini cameras!

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