Friendly Corgi Stops And Hugs Every Single Dog He Meets On His Walks

Dogs are the best, for many, many, reasons. However, one of their greatest gifts is their ability to give out unconditional amounts of love whether we need it, want it, or don’t quite know that we do.

And although some dogs are a lot warmer than others, there’s definitely no questions when it comes to which type of dog Wallace is. The adorable Corgi has a lot of love to give … or should we say hugs.

Wallace understands that times are tough, and the loving Corgi knows how to make things better — with a big warm hug. Well, as big as his little arms can stretch.

According to his owner, Noah Raminick, Wallace just can’t help but hug every single dog he comes across on one of his walks. The year-old Corgi loves to play and won’t let another dog pass by without giving him an embrace.

“He first hugged his friend Charlie and we were blown away. They were hugging and kissing. Then he did it to a few other dogs he knows well and we realized it was a ‘thing,’” Noah told The Dodo.

Amazingly, Wallace was never trained or taught how to give hugs. It’s just his own way of showing affection. Considering his middle name is Casanova, it comes as no surprise he’s such a little lover boy.

The name was given to him due to the heart-shaped nose he had as a pup. Perhaps a foreshadowing of the lover he’d soon grow up to be.

But like a true gentleman, Wallace, only gets close when he’s certain other dogs are comfortable with it. He gives them a brief sniff before getting on his two hind legs and wraps his little paws around them.

And if they’re not up for a hug, like Wallace’s Cavapoo cousin, Milo (who he won’t hug because she is afraid) he settles for a few kisses instead.

Big or small, Wallace doesn’t care, he’s gentler with the smaller dogs and absolutely fearless with large ones.

With a Great Dane as a best friend, it’s clear that Wallace doesn’t discriminate when it comes to who he hugs.

Wallace makes sure to spread the love when he’s with his human family, too.

His favorite things are morning and evening cuddles, playing fetch, and me chasing him around the house,” Raminick said.

Thankfully, there are dogs like Wallace out there who are making difficult times a little easier by spreading love.

In a year full of social distancing, lockdowns, and quarantines, it’s nice to know someone’s out there getting up close and personal!

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