From a Life of Struggle to Reigning as the Queen: A Puppy’s Rescue Story

This little girl is barely a month and a half old, born with disabilities in her hind legs. Her condition is critical, with her body covered in mange and dirt, and her stomach appearing larger than usual.

Her blood test results indicate an alarmingly high white blood cell count, signifying an infection in her blood.

Her red blood cell count is dangerously low at only 17%; she requires medication to increase it. Her liver and kidneys are not functioning as they should. Treatment for blood parasites is necessary.

Day 9: Ava is undergoing treatment for her blood parasites and mange at the vet. Her skin is starting to improve and she is showing more energy. She is attempting to walk on her left hind leg and stand on both her hind legs.
Day 13: I am taking her back to the vet for a check-up and an X-ray to examine her bones. Ava is also having a fecal check-up and a temperature reading.

According to her blood results and X-ray, she has patellar luxation in both hind legs and will require surgery once her health has sufficiently improved for the operation. She also suffers from hypo-proteinemia, anemia, and ascites, all of which need treatment. Her red blood cell count remains lower than normal, currently at only 25% of the standard 35%.

Her nutrition is poor and she needs more protein and vitamins. On Day 19, the vet estimated that it would take around 2-3 months to treat her until her skin is clear, free from mange, and devoid of any infection while waiting for her overall health to improve. Day 22: Ava is now boarding at the vet’s clinic until her skin condition improves.

Ava appears much healthier and happier now, and she has begun moving and playing. After a little over a month, Ava has grown taller. No more unpleasant odors emanate from her skin. Her coat is now silky and soft. She is amicable and playful, and she can walk and jump quite well, even with a splint on her leg.

She is truly savoring her new life now.


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