Fronky, The 180-pound Bull Mastiff, Eagerly Awaits His Daily Hug From His Favorite Mailwoman

Fronky, a Bull Mastiff, has made it a daily ritual to wait eagerly for his favorite person’s visit. Every morning, the dog stands at the door, pleading with his owner to let him out. Once in the front yard, he sits and waits patiently for his best friend, a mailwoman named Shaun.

Fronky and Shaun have shared a special bond since he was just a seven-week-old puppy. Their friendship is truly inseparable, and seeing Shaun is always the highlight of Fronky’s day.

“When she’s at her truck, gathering all her packages and getting ready to come to our house, you can see his tail wagging so fast, and if she takes too long, he gets restless,” Fronky’s owner, Eileen, shared with The Dodo.

Now grown into a 180-pound dog, Fronky could easily jump over the front yard fence if he wanted to. However, Fronky is a well-behaved dog and always stays within his boundaries. This good behavior doesn’t prevent him from receiving plenty of pets and cuddles from Shaun!

Eileen shared that Shaun had a chocolate lab who passed away. She believes that Fronky provides Shaun with the doggie cuddles she misses.

“I think just having this little break with Fronky helps her out and gives her something to look forward to,” Eileen added.

Shaun and Fronky have a truly special bond. Shaun even pays Fronky visits on her days off.

“Shaun has kind of become a part of our family,” Eileen shared. “She never fails to come by, and we look forward to seeing her every day… And Fronky goes absolutely wild when he hears her voice.”

Hill’s Pets explains that Fronky’s affectionate behavior towards Shaun is unusual for his breed. The website shares:

“Bullmastiffs are gentle and loving with family members. Their typically calm, easygoing natures make them well-suited to families with well-behaved children.

When a stranger enters the scene, the bullmastiff’s laid-back demeanor towards family members is likely to change. These dogs are wary of people who aren’t part of their family.”


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Given this, it’s most likely that Fronky considers Shaun a part of his family, showing just how special their bond truly is.

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