Fukushima Man Returns to Radioactive Town and Saves the Pets

In 2011, Fukushima, Japan, experienced a massive earthquake that damaged the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Anyone living within the plant’s reach was evacuated. Sadly, most people abandoned their pets. Naoto Matsumura lived in Tomioka, Japan, he owns a farm and like everyone in the area, he too evacuated. However, he has been the only person to return to the radioactive town and he did it to take care for his farm animals and the many pets abandoned to their own fate.


“I had no choice but to stay,” Matsumura told Animal Equality. “I couldn’t leave the animals behind.”

When he first returned, the heroic man realized that many pets were left in cages or trapped inside their homes without food and water, most died of starvation. The lucky free ones roamed the streets looking for a safe place to rest and some food.


Matsumura is an animal lover and he knew he couldn’t just care for his farm animals, he needed to help all abandoned pets from the deserted town. Today, he cares for dogs, cats, cows, horses and ostriches.


Everyday, the last man in Fukushima walks the town carrying food to feed his four-legged neighbors. He repaired parts of the town where many strays seek rescue and thanks to generous donors, he is able to buy food for his rescue pets.

In Matsumura’s eyes animals and people are equal, and that is why he is happy helping the Fukushima four-legged victims no one else wants to help.

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