Funny Video of Dogs Eating Ice Cream, Wait For The End!

Ice cream always makes a yummy food for anyone – even to animals and that is the base of this funny video. This lucrative food cannot be given a miss by the two pet dogs Daisy and Cooper, and that is what is shown in the video. Here, you will see how the dogs react to the ice cream cone. There is just one cone for the two and Daisy is given the first turn to have it. You will see how she enjoys her ice cream, licking it again and again and taking its taste. At the same time, cooper is waiting for the ice cream to be offered to him.

The most hilarious part of the funny video comes when the ice cream is offered to Cooper. He does not bother to enjoy the ice cream slowly by licking it properly. He just goes for a full bite of the ice cream and eats it all. The dog is afraid that the ice cream may be again given to Daisy and so he gobbles it all up. This video is such that you will roll on the floor laughing after seeing this. The video runs only for 42 seconds and it is enough to make your day.

[youtube id=”Hg43s3UyUU0″]

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