Garbage Man Rescues Puppy Who Was Thrown In The Trash

An ordinary garbage man from Indiana is now a living, breathing superhero.

While working outside one day in 2013, Muncie, IN sanitation department employee Michael noticed a bit of peculiar movement coming from inside one of the recycling bags he was about to throw into the back of his truck. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect to find a teeny, tiny six-week-old puppy. The poor animal was discarded by his owner, who thought the dog was sick.

Michael didn’t think twice. He immediately rescued the freezing dog, warmed him up in his truck, took him home and named him Garby. The puppy was so happy to be alive and well. Within a day, Michael and Garby quickly formed a close bond.

The real kicker? As it turns out, the puppy wasn’t even suffering from the disease of which his original owner suspected. Garby was simply starving; his blood sugar was so low that he was nearly passed out. God bless Michael for stepping in and doing what many people would not dare. Pet owners can and should seek help from a veterinarian or an animal shelter if they suspect their animal is sick.

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