Garbage Man Was Emptying Trash When He Heard A Cry. What He Found Broke My Heart.

We dog lovers will never understand how some people could just abandon or throw away a dog or puppy. Dogs are beautiful and very loyal creatures. So how could anyone have a heart to throw a loving animal just like that?

A garbage man from Muncie, Indiana found something heartbreaking while he was working. Michael Upchurch was just emptying the trash bins when he heard a puppy crying. Then he noticed something moving under a blue trash bag. He ripped it open and saw a puppy. The puppy’s previous owner said he thought the puppy died of Parvo. But it turns out, the puppy didn’t have parvo; he was just starving. His blood sugar levels were so low that the puppy passed out. So his previous owner tossed him to the garbage can. Luckily, somebody found the poor pup. Watch the video below for the full story!

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