She gave up everything to rescue this poor baby, then she looks into his eyes and realizes this…

There are problems we can solve. When you run out of gas, you get some more. When you break a glass, you can get a new one. Then there are those big problems: hunger, war, homelessness, and the millions of stray animals that need homes. It seems those problems can’t be solved, only managed. And there are those people out there who you just know, if they could save everyone, they would…

Julie Covert is one of those people. She uprooted her life to Sutton, New York, to do her part.

“I moved down here specifically to rescue more dogs. I started dabbling in walking dogs for the SPCA up in Buffalo and then transporting once in a while, and then transporting more and more, and I decided to sell my business and my home and moved down here just to rescue more dogs,” Julie said. Her shelter takes in 100 dogs every month. Some are adopted locally, while others rely on pilots like Dan Drennan to fly them to new homes.

Still for Julie, it’s not enough. “You do the best you can. Everybody does the best they can. And there’s a lot of counties that don’t have a shelter at all, or an animal control officer at all,” she told News 4 with tears in her eyes. “It’s difficult. Sometimes you have to pick and choose.”

Without Dan and the others from Pilots N Paws, so many of the poor babies would be homeless. It seems there are some problems we can’t solve, but until we do, there are people like Julie and Dan who do the best they can.

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