Gentle and Loving Puppy Dotes On Blind Senior Dog

After losing his best friend of 12 years, Pugsly the blind pug is about to make a new friend when he meets Bear the Golden Retriever Puppy. The two may have been different in age, but Pugsly right away welcomed Bear to the family by licking the pup’s face. From that day forward, Pugsly loved to give Bear kisses.

And after Pugsly was diagnosed with heart failure, Bear was extra gentle with his senior pal. Bear made sure to get down to Pugsly’s level and scoot closer to him just so he could reach him to give kiss as he always did. Bear also would jump onto the bed to give Pugsly a kiss every morning.

Pugsly passed away from heart failure in 2017. But his family says that “to this day, Bear has a special place in his heart for senior dogs.”

Watch the adorable pair giving each other kisses over the years in the heartwarming video below:

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