George Clooney becomes a real time hero as he rescues an unwanted dog for his owner

Hollywood power couple George Clooney and Amal Clooney won thousands of hearts as they rescued this cute little puppy with a birth defect. Nate is the name of the lucky dog who has a barrel chest, a leg that sways and he walks weirdly. A lot of people tried to adopt him but they changed their minds when they got to know his defects. A girl event cried looking at him saying that she would be depressed for the rest of her life if she has to look at him every day.

However, Nate had already suffered a lot in life and this suffering had to end sooner rather than later. The Clooney’s heard about the disabled terrier and the first thought that came to their mind was that their parents would provide him the perfect home. Nina and Nick Clooney had recently lost their Terrier of 10 years so Nate would definitely fill the void. Nate was delivered to them on Christmas Eve so they even spent the special night together.

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