German Shepherd Busts Out Some Sweet Dance Moves When She Hears Her Favorite Song

Dogs are pretty talented creatures. Some of them use their heightened sense of smell to sniff out cancer or bombs, some serve as guide dogs or therapy dogs for people who need them, and others have the superhuman power of making our days brighter with some epic snuggles and enthusiastic tail wagging.

What we’re saying is, dogs make our lives better.

Jaxson Rose is no different. She’s loyal to her dog mom, she’s cute as a button, and she has great taste in music.

She also has a special talent: dancing.

Her favorite song is Flo Rida’s “Low.” When she hears it, she can’t help but move to the beat!

Jaxson moves her ears at the same time, different times, backwards, forwards, and even in circles.

Jaxson’s owner, Stephanie Walton, actually captured one of the first times Jaxson heard the song on video and, naturally, it racked up millions of views on YouTube. Jaxson became so famous after the video went viral that she and her dog mom got to fly to L.A. for the filming of Cause for Paws, a television special that honors rescue dogs and has tons of celebratory hosts. Jaxson was nominated for a Golden Bone award in the Weirdest Dog Talent video category.

Hmm… did you know a dog could do so much with her ears?

Now, we don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone, but, it’s been rumored that Miss Jaxson isn’t dancing on her own… that there is a human helping her out.

Ruh roh!

To the right of this groovin’ pup, there is a blue sleeve visible, and the hand is definitely positioned behind Jaxson.

However, we think a little human help doesn’t make this video any less enjoyable. Jaxson’s expression while she dances is priceless!

Take a look at the video below to see Jaxson’s sweet moves!

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