German Shepherd Can’t Figure Out Why This Animal Won’t Let Him On The Porch

When we have several pets living together, we find that it’s usually the cat who’s the bully. Well, we’ve seen several videos of cats bullying dogs. They either steal the dog’s beds, or block the stairs or the hallway so the dog would hesitate to pass by. But in this video, you will never expect who the bully is.

In the video, you’ll see a duck bullying a German Shepherd. Yes, ladies and gents–the bully is a duck! The duck seems to think that the porch is his territory and he’s not allowing the dog to trespass! The dog tried to jump on the porch, but the duck chased him off. But it looks like the dog thinks of this as a game, and he’s intentionally teasing the duck! LOL! Check out the video below!

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