German shepherd forgotten behind gate of abandoned house along Texas border

At the border town of Matamoros, very close to the Rio Grande Valley along the Texas border, a young and still beautiful German shepherd was abandoned by her family. Left behind and forgotten, she lives a solitary life behind a closed off gate. She sleeps beside the trash; no one has returned for her, and no one really knows how long she has been alone.

According to neighbors, who toss water and food over the fence, this poor girl lives in solitude; that is her entire life. Except for the few close neighbors who make sure she gets the bare necessities of life, no one cares about her existence, and she no longer matters to anyone.

This dog needs a rescue and a foster home. Please share her plight with friends, family, rescue organizations and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

For ,ore information concerning details to rescue this poor girl, please contact Leslie Hennings.

Every Dog Has A Story.


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