This German Shepherd Might Be Your New Favorite Actor…(WATCH)

Award Season is upon us, which means lots of big name actors are strutting their stuff and hoping to gain recognition for their most impressive performances. Some starred in comedies, some in dramas, some in action films…but all of them have one thing in common: their goal is to entertain.

Turns out, humans aren’t the only ones who get the acting bug! In this video, we meet a German Shepherd named Sam who takes his craft very seriously. His owner prompts him to play dead, and, including convincing sound effects and all the works, Sam diligently obeys, putting on quite the show!

Talk about raw talent! We wonder how long it took Sam to master this hilarious trick. Watch the cute performance below:

Move over Brad Pitt…Sam’s headed for Hollywood! What’s the funniest, most entertaining trick you’ve taught your dog? Do they enjoy the attention? We hope to see Sam on the red carpet sometime soon…

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