German Shepherd Wandering Street with Toy Stuffy Successfully Rescued

This week, rescuers from Almost Home – NO KILL Rescue in Detroit, Michigan embarked on a mission to save an abandoned German Shepherd that had been wandering the streets with his toy stuffy in his mouth. Local residents reported that the dog’s owner had passed away, and no one had come to his aid.

By Wednesday afternoon, Nikki, the German Shepherd, was officially off the streets of Detroit, with her stuffy by her side. Nikki will now move on to a foster home, and updates will be provided in the future.

Secured gsd w)stuffy in detroit

Happy gotcha day! Thanks to south lyon murphy lost animal recovery, nicholas is off of the streets and will need a new stuffy toy!

Right now we’re getting her sorted and settled in. She will need a foster. We did receive a ton of applications so we are in the process of reviewing them so please be patient with us!

By the way, nicholas is actually a nikki!! Only good things from here and onto a better life! Thanks for all your support nikki will now get to be in a loving home! More pupdates to follow!

Nikki will be moving on to a foster home. Updates to follow.

Those interested in fostering can fill out an application at The rescue organization will be in touch after reviewing applications.

To donate, please visit the organization’s website at and/or fill out a foster application. Thanks to the efforts of everyone involved, another life has been saved.

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