After This German Shepherd Went Outside, He Played With His Pups In The Cutest Way

German shepherds are known to be hardworking, but even after a long day, this dog dad musters up the energy to play with his pack of pups!

One of the best things about having kids is goofing off with them, and I imagine that parents in the animal kingdom would agree. When this German shepherd dad notices that his pups are fast asleep under a minivan, he doesn’t hesitate to wake them up. Soon, it’s a full-on puppy invasion, complete with charging, pouncing, and a couple of sweet kisses on Dad’s nose.

Watch as Dad shows everyone how a good dog romp is done! From the looks of things, his pups are going to grow up to be just as fun as he is.

Good job, Daddy! Be sure to share this adorable dog family with your animal-loving friends.

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