Get Ready To Laugh When You See How This Dog Gets Through A Baby Gate

 Great Danes are notoriously large dogs, but a lot of time, that giant physical presence is offset by a playful, sweet personality. Still, trying to contain such a large pup, no matter how gentle they are, can be challenging.

One way a lot of dog owners gravitate toward is utilizing baby gates to restrict access to certain parts of the house. For a dog much smaller, that probably works out great! But for a big doggie like the one in the video below, it just won’t cut it.

Watch as this Great Dane named Bambi proves what a clever pup she is. Her owners put up a gate in an attempt to keep her from entering the living room. Somehow, she kept managing to sneak in! Determined to figure out how, they set up their phone and found that the smart girl was simply opening the gate with her mouth! Too funny.

Watch Bambi in action below!

Touche, Bambi…touche. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen or captured your dog doing when they didn’t think they were being watched? Share in the comments below!

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