Girl Overcomes Fear Of Dogs To Save One Being Pelted With Rocks By School Kids

A 16-year-old girl named Anita Valkova stepped in to save a helpless dog when no one else would. She had always been afraid of dogs, but she knew that she had to help when she saw an injured dog being pelted with rocks by the kids in the schoolyard. She posted “Alfeiya’s journey to healing” on Imgur in hopes it will encourage people to step up and do the right thing.

“She was in my school yard when I first saw her. A group of kids were throwing stones at her and when I saw this little pooch all covered in blood, I knew I had to take action.”

“I called my mom, grandpa, grandma and they all said that we can’t do anything about it and I should just let it go but I couldn’t do it, I had the opportunity to help and I had to do it!”

“I called my father, who I don’t usually talk to, and he said he’d be able to come in two hours. I sat next to her in the cold for over two hours waiting for my father to come. When he did, he handed me a blanket and told me to catch her and bring her to the vet on foot because he wouldn’t let her in his car.”

“I chased her around for about 5 minutes and we managed to corner her and wrap her in the blanket. A friend of mine helped me carry her to the vet while my dad drove and waited for us there.”

“We got to the vet and they took her, cleaned her wounds and gave her antibiotics. She had demodicosis. The next day my mom came to see her and I managed to convince her to keep her with the help of the vets.”

“Her treatment was very expensive, we had to borrow money to be able to get her medicine. We’re not very rich, I live in a small apartment with my mom and grandparents, and a cat.”

“We were able to take her home on the 30th of December 2015. I gave her a bath, we were both very scared, she of the water and I of her biting me. After I dried her fur she got her claim on my bed.”

“First car ride.”

“Making a mess.”

“I’ve always been scared of dogs. But I couldn’t leave a creature to suffer when I could help. I hope this story gives you hope and inspiration to be a better person and help with anything you can!”

What an incredibly brave and selfless thing this girl did to save a dog in need. Bless her and her new companion forever and always.

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