Girls Begged Mom For Puppy, When They Finally Get It, One Of Them Can’t Hold Back The Tears

These girls have been begging their parents for a puppy for months, so when they’re finally surprised with one the older sister can’t hold back her tears! Priceless!

Ryan and Bixby from Phoenix, Arizona just had their greatest wish come true. Mom and dad have had enough of their pleas to get them a puppy, so they decided to give in to their requests.
While the girls were still getting ready for their day, mom and dad call them to come downstairs. Hand in hand, the two sisters climb down to the salon and both their mouths drop at the surprise.

Mom is holding a baby Maltese poodle in her arms and both girl rush to hold the tiny creature. The tiny one probably didn’t want the pet as much as her older sister, because as soon as mom gives her the puppy to hold, the bursts into tears.

Of all the things she says while sobbing happily, the only thing we could make up was “What’s it’s name?”. Since the puppy doesn’t have a name yet, she shoots “Peekaboo” between sobs, making dad burst into him of fit of laughter. “It’s a boy!” Now faced with an even greater challenge, the girl has a total meltdown because she doesn’t know how to call it!

In the original video, dad says that the girls ended up calling him George, after George Washington. Good call.

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