Girl’s emotional reaction to getting a puppy will melt your heart

Angela Disbennet and her husband surprised their daughter Savannah with a puppy and it got emotional.

The clip, filmed in Washington on March 9, shows Savannah bursting into tears when she is introduced to her new puppy Rocco.

“We had originally found a puppy that ended up passing away a couple of weeks before we were to pick him up. This devastated our daughter who had been counting down the days.”

“Learning our lesson, her dad and I decided to keep it a secret when we found another puppy. Savannah thought we were still searching for that perfect puppy.”

“On Friday March 9, our daughter thought we were having a date night when we were really driving to Portland, Oregon, three hours away to pick up our pup!”

“She had no clue when she turned to look at dad holding the little bundle and she burst into tears.”

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