Goat Goes Fruit Hunting While Balancing On Donkey’s Back

Teamwork is crucial in achieving many of life’s hard missions. Like for example, lending a helping hand to a friend in need in order to reach a fruit hanging from the top of a tree. This goat found its perfect partner in crime, and it’s literally standing on his back trying to make a living!

Now this is true friendship! A donkey allows his goat friend to balance on top of him while going fruit hunting! Check out how the skillful goat shows off some amazing skills, balancing her body on top of donkey’s back, while reaching for a fruit in a tree. Bet you haven’t seen a sight like this before!

Goats are naturally curious. They are also agile and well known for their ability to climb and balance in precarious places. This makes them the only ruminant to regularly climb trees. Due to their agility and inquisitiveness, they are notorious for escaping their pens by testing fences and enclosures, either intentionally or simply because they are used to climb on. Luckily, this precious goat isn’t interesting in making a great escape, and just tries to have a yummy treat!

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