They were going to euthanize him but see how he got a miraculous second chance in life

People tend to contact adoption agencies when they are interested in adopting a dog for their home. However, there is a bitter truth that most of us unaware with and it’s that not all animals at animal shelters can be adopted. This is because they have such a painful and abused past that they cannot be adopted. Talmadge is such a dog and he showed anti-social behavior towards the adopters and it made it impossible for him to be adopted and he was going to be euthanized shortly

Second Chance Dog Rescue heard of this story and they reacted quickly to save the life of Talmadge. They got him a foster home quickly to spare him from being euthanized and in a matter of a few days, he started getting better. All he needed was some affection, food and a loving family to be better and he started showing signs of affection for them. This story shows that there is always hope even for the most distressed and broken animals.





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    Hey I would like to contact that is my old German sheperd he was stolen from my back yard when I let him out but I would love to get in contact with the owner who found this dog please I beg his name his original name is germy please call 203-446-7977

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    Please I beg I miss my dog it’s been almost 2 years already I said this post on Facebook I could recognize him by the scar on his leg I got pictures when he was smaller please contact me I really wanna see my dog agian 203-446-7977

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