GOING VIRAL: They Said “Turn Around Mom”, Then Surprised Her With Her Lost Dog!

You guys…you should seriously grab some tissues before watching this video. Don’t get me wrong, they will be happy tears! But tears nonetheless…

For any dog lover, the thought of losing a fur baby is simply devastating. For this elderly mother, that horrifying thought became a reality, when her energetic black dog went missing several weeks before Mother’s Day. Incredibly, her children, thanks to help from social media followers who located the pup, were able to reunite the sweet pair.

Personally, my heart dropped while watching this…it’s a combination of relief and shock and just utter love that erupts between this dog and its owner, an owner who had probably accepted the fact that she would never see her companion again. What’s even more amazing?

Her kids coordinated the reunion the day before Mother’s Day! What a happy weekend that must have been.

Enjoy this beautiful moment:

Simply incredible. Such a thoughtful way to surprise their mother, and such an amazing bond this woman and her pup clearly share. It really took my breath away. What did you think of the video?

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