Golden Retriever Becomes A Big Brother To His Human Sister Right From Her Birth, And These 39 Pics Show Their Incredible Bond

No one will ever feel your pain of being an older brother or sister unless they are one. And contrary to what they say, it’s not always that fun. The truth is, younger siblings are annoying little creatures who seem to get away with anything at all times, and older siblings, unfortunately, most of the time have to take responsibility for their younger siblings’ pranks.

Being your younger sibling’s nanny is not a job most of us would enjoy, but an adorable golden retriever named Marshall was really excited about getting a furless baby sister from his human-parents. About 2 years ago, the family’s life was changed forever as they brought home a small baby girl named Macy, and since that day, Marshall wouldn’t leave her side, spending most of his time around Macy.

The cute siblings share their daily goofy adventures on their Instagram account, which have now captured the hearts of over 17 thousand people. Marshall and Macy’s parents share wholesome pictures with hilarious captions describing the pair’s daily shenanigans.

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Pure Joy In One Pic!

This Is My Human

Welcoming A New Family Member!

Just When You Think She Couldn’t Get Any More Obsessed!

Mum Disappeared And When She Returned She Came Back With My Little Sister Macy, Had To Double Check That She Was Boopable. Answer? Absolutely

Since The Skin Baby Has Joined The Family I Have Had To Up My Protec Skillz. Extra Barks Were Made At The Postman, Can’t Trust That Yellow Coated Freak

Hey Mtv, Welcome To Our Crib

Mum You Need To Fatten Her Up So She Is More Comfortable To Lay On, Thanks

Oh God, She Is Trying To Take My Bubble Crown Isn’t She?!

Cool, I’m Now A Climbing Play Gym

It’s A Pity Macy’s Double Chin Ruined Our Selfie

These Two Have Been Inseparable Lately! Marshall Is Always Hyping Up Macy Right Before Bed And Poor Marsh Cops A Smack On The Head Or Booty Daily

Yeah, We Can Keep Her

In The Great Words Of Mariah Carey, Why You So Obsessed With Me Macy?

Marsh Joined Several New Families On The Beach And Stole Many Balls And Macy Ate Some Sand And Tried Stealing Someone Kayak And Gave All Doggos Pats

Wait, What Is That Smell? Oh My God, Mum Go Hose Her Off Outside

Turns Out This Tea Party I Was Invited To Has Fake Food. Rude

Happy Birthday To Me! Thanks For Stealing My Birthday Thunder Macy, Might Have To Bark At 2 Am When You Are Sleeping

That’s Right Macy, Let’s Get This Rug Worn In. I’m Sure Mum Won’t Get Angry If You Vomit On It Again

2.5 Seconds Before Macy Had A Dribble Bath Courtesy Of Myself

Marsh Just Counting Down The Hours Until She Goes To Bed So He Can Be An Only Child

That Moment When Mum Makes You Match… Again…

Months With This Little Fart Machine

Me Whispering To Macy To Remind Her I’m Still The Favourite Child

She Definitely Takes After My Colour In The Hair Department, Just Two Blonde Bombshells Here

Bath Time Is Always A Family Event

Well That’s Not Fair, That Bow Is Asking For Me To Rip It Off Her Head. Not My Issue If You Come Back And It’s Gone

The Exact Moment I Realised I Wasn’t The Only Child Anymore

The Puppy Dog Eyes Have Been Working Overtime These Days. Boy Just Wants An Extra Treato, Macy Is Bloody Hogging All The Attention. Tips For A Brother?

And Here We Have A Savage Dog. Please Beware, Viewers May Find This Disturbingly Cute

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