Golden Retriever Follows Social Distancing Rules & Picks Up Owner’s To-Go Order

These days, the pandemic has changed many aspects of the world. Things like eating in restaurants, going to the dog park, flying on airplanes, and even getting together with family and friends are all affected by the coronavirus. One man in North Carolina decided to train his dog to perform a chore for him so he didn’t have to go face-to-face with strangers.

In the Facebook video posted on the Chick-Fil-A page in Carraway Village, North Carolina, a man named Nick is seeing pulling up for his curbside delivery order. Employees meet customers at the restaurant’s curb and hand off their order to ensure social distancing rules are followed. Nick decides not to get close to the employees, who are waiting by the curb with his food.

Instead, Nick’s dog, an adorable Golden Retriever named Ellie, happily trots over to the Chick-Fil-A employees at the curb. As Ellie runs over to the curb, an employee is heard saying, “Oh she is so cute,” as the dog gets closer and closer. Once she reaches the employee, she waits as the employee places the bag’s handles right into her open mouth.

Without missing a beat, Ellie turns around and takes the to-go order back to her owner who is standing outside his car. Ellie wags her tail, trots over to Nick, and takes the bag of goodies directly to him. Some dogs might have stopped to sneak in a bite of the chicken inside the bag, but Ellie performs her task like a pro.

Watch Ellie in action by pressing play on this precious video below. Good girl, Ellie!

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