Golden Retriever Pulled Alive From The Rubble Of Deadly Earthquake

One dog’s rescue has inspired hope amongst the devastation of the deadliest earthquake to hit Mexico City in 32 years. In the aftermath of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that destroyed many buildings and has already claimed over 200 lives, rescue workers and volunteers are racing against the clock to find survivors in the rubble.

A video of a Golden Retriever being lifted from a mound of rubble and debris into the arms of his rescuers has gone viral.

The footage filmed on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 shows the exact moment the dog is found and him being gently carried out of the debris. Dozens of onlookers below watched and burst into applause when they realize the dog was alive.

Although it is unclear if the dog’s family is safe, the fact that the dog survived has bolstered rescuers’ efforts to continue searching for survivors.

Watch the dog’s rescue in the video below.

Please allow a few seconds for the video below to load.

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