GONE VIRAL: Puppy Tries to Attack His Own Hiccups, Creates Cutest Video Internet Has Ever Seen

Oh to be a puppy. Such a big world to explore, so many things to learn! How does one process having the hiccups for the first time? I mean, your adorable little body is convulsing every few seconds. It must be some kind of attack, right? Well Buck the puppy thought so, and in this adorably irresistible 16 second clip, you’ll witness him try his best to defend against the pesky little attacks!

In only 2 days, Buck’s video on YouTube has become a viral sensation and has amassed 2 million views! But then again, I think half of those million views are from me
🙂 If you like’d Buck’s video, you’ll also want to check out this clip with another puppy who is equally adorable and confused!

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