GONE VIRAL: What This Cop Did for a 75 lb. Dog Has People Everywhere Talking. I’m In Awe!!!

Police officers likely never live the same day twice. They never know what’s coming next! My guess is that Patrolman Nick Ague didn’t expect he would be carrying a 75 lb. german shepherd named Mya to safety this day, but that’s exactly what he did.

After Mya’s owner was involved in a car crash, the german shepherd fled the scene scared. She was found 2 miles from the crash, exhausted in a field. When officer Ague and the dog’s owner showed up, it was clear the dog wasn’t about to go anywhere. She was exhausted, and her paws had taken a beating. That’s when officer Ague stepped up, and did something I’m guessing most officers would not have. Just watch!


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