Good Samaritan found puppy whose ankles were bound with rubber bands

A young puppy, just six weeks of age, is recovering after someone put rubber bands around his ankles. The Arizona Humane Society introduced Facebook followers to the abused puppy, dubbed Little Foot, on Tuesday:

Little Foot was brought to AHS nine days ago by a Good Samaritan who found him with rubber bands tied around his ankles. His feet were horribly swollen, making it very difficult to walk, and nearly cutting off his circulation.

Helping Little Foot recover

Little Foot is safely out of harm’s way and he is now receiving specialized care to help him recover from the damage caused by the rubber bands. The animal welfare agency stated:

This 6-week-old puppy’s treatment includes daily laser therapy and warm compress massages to promote blood flow and improve circulation in his paws. Much like a balloon, the circulation will cause the fluids to shift and, hopefully, reduce the swelling. Believe it or not, Little Foot’s paws have improved incredibly over the past nine days and the scabbing is almost gone!

You can follow Little Foot’s progress at this link to the Arizona Humane Society on Facebook.

(Image via Arizona Humane Society Facebook page)

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