Good Samaritan Sat With Dog Who Was Hit By A Car Until Help Could Arrive

Hope For Paws received an urgent text on their emergency line about a dog who had been hit by a car. A Good Samaritan was sitting with the poor girl waiting for help to arrive. The hope in her eyes said she wasn’t going to give up and that she was ready to fight for her life.

Rescuers safely and carefully transported Honey Pepper back to the hospital where they found out her pelvis was broken, and she had a shattered tibia and fibula. Normally with fractures this bad, the leg has to be amputated. But Doctor Antonio Pedraza was able to connect all the fragments and save the leg!

After two months of recovery time with L.A. Animal Rescue, Honey Pepper is as good as new and looking for a forever home! Seeing her run around as happy as can be is so amazing after everything she’d gone through.

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