Good Samaritan Walks 3 Miles to Save Dog Tied To Pole

PAWsitive Channel and Forte Animal Rescue team up to bring to light this incredible story of selflessness.

Lisa Snyder had fallen on hard times when she discovered Joey, a sweet Pointer mix that was tied to a tree and abandoned in Point Fermin Park in San Pedro, CA. Lisa was living in her inoperable van with her three cats. She barely had enough to survive herself, when she came across Joey. But being an animal lover and a person of faith, she knew she had to help. Lisa called the authorities, the shelter, anyone she could think of to pick up the dog but it was late and no one could make it out. The shelter suggested she drop off the dog.

Lisa set off on a three-mile walk to the animal shelter. Her various medical conditions made the walk painful and forced her walk to slow. In the rush, she had forgotten her jacket and her walking stick. What should have taken an hour took all night in the rain and cold. By morning, she had made it safely to the shelter where Joey was turned in.

From there, Forte Animal Rescue stepped in and provided the medical and adoption resources to re-home Joey, who is now happy, healthy and living out the rest of his doggy days with his 4 year old best friend.

The community of San Pedro heard about Lisa’s selflessness and gave her a gift of their own: a $3500 thank you.

If you can, please donate $5 to Forte Animal Rescue and help their cause of rescuing dogs like Joey:

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