Good things DO come in small packages: Tiny Toudi is smaller than a can of Coke, can fit in the palm of your hand and is the smallest Chihuahua in the world

He is 12 weeks old, 7cm tall and weighs just 300g. Meet tiny Toudi who is believed to be the world’s smallest Chihuahua.
The adorable pooch is smaller than a can of coke, a little bigger than a pear and can fit in the palm of your hand.


This little pup from Poland is shorter than a can of coke and can easily fit in the palm of your hand


Toudi is so small he could be mistaken for a cuddly toy. His owner says they have to be careful because he is the same size as the floor


Some mock the little Chihuahua, claiming he looks more like a hamster, while others are mesmerised by him


Toudi’s sister may be much bigger than he is, but he is arguably far more adorable


Toudi’s owner says he provides a lot of fun for the family. These sunglasses are maybe a little too big for this pup


Toudi is a only slightly bigger than a pear, but he can’t even be described as ‘pint-sized’ because he’s smaller than a can of coke


Fun and games: It is hoped little Toudi, from Poland, will soon appear in the Guinness World Records book


Toudi’s owner doesn’t have to spend too much on him because he only eats a very small amount of food each day

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