Goofy Bulldog Mom Plays Along with Her Sassy Puppy

This is the cutest exchange between a mother Bulldog and her baby. The puppy is sitting still when mom goes over to give him a sniff/lick to which the puppy reacts “no way, mom”. She pretends to be frightened every time her “tough” pup gives her some attitude. You can just see her beaming with pride!

Said one viewer, “That’s a lot of cuteness right there, so sweet I got a cavity.”

Another pointed out the pup’s behavior is pretty normal and his mom is teaching him how to defend. “Anyone who has dogs and has been around all types of dogs knows they play this way! It’s normal for them to have their little play fights! That pup is just learning its boundaries! Mom is just playing it off and allowing him to have fun lol she’s enjoying it too! She’s getting him going on purpose! She’s teaching him something here!”

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