Goofy Chocolate Lab Can’t Help Himself To Toddler’s Pool, Ruins Play Time.

No matter how well trained a dog is, they’re still pretty great at surprising us with a bad behavior every once in a while! Well this Chocolate Labrador, Arnold, surprises his family with not only one bad behavior, but two!
His little sister is innocently playing in her baby pool with a giant rubber ducky, when Arnold can’t help himself but join in. I mean, come on! He IS a water-retrieving dog, after all! Of course he wants to join in! Arnold hysterically tries to control his urge to jump in, but fails repeatedly… only to quickly jump back out (and then back in; you understand how this goes!)
But keep your eyes peeled for his finale! He doesn’t truly crash her pool party playtime until the 55-second marker. Let’s just say, Arnold really puts the icing on the cake, ruining her playtime once and for all! Check it out!

Arnold, while you kind of really blew it at the end, we’re still pretty impressed with your efforts at controlling your swimming urges! You did your best, buddy!

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