GoPro Camera Captures The Joy Of A Dog Running Through Snow

You never know exactly what’s going through a dog’s mind. Their silly little faces don’t usually give away much about their thought process. You can spend hours watching them sniff around your house and still not know if they were looking for a place to sleep, their favorite toy, or maybe even a snack they stashed away for later. Of course, there are certain reactions you can always count on, like the way their eyes lights up and their tails wag when they hear that magic word: “Walk?”

The promise of heading outside to really stretch out their four fluffy legs on a nice long walk never fails to perk them up. Or even better, a nice long run! As long as they get the chance to explore all the new and fun things that have happened since the last time they were out (even if that was only 10 minutes ago), our canines are happy campers. This owner wanted to capture all of that energy and joy from his pup, so he decided to strap a handy GoPro camera on him and let the pooch loose.

Be warned, the footage did make me a tad dizzy at first, but after awhile you get used to it and start seeing the world through his enthusiastic eyes. The cutie goes nuts when he sees the soft white snow and chases his owner around the yard. Then, like the good boy he is, he returns right back to the door to warm up inside.

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