Grab Yourself A Tissue…This Husky Will Almost Definitely Make You Cry

When you think about ‘dog videos’ it usually is associated with happiness, funny things they do, cute ways they play with their humans and one another. This video, though, isn’t quite like that.

It’s very short, not even 20 seconds long, but in it we see a living, breathing example of just how close dogs and their owners are. We see how strong that bond can be, how we are just as loved by our furry family members as they are by us, even if they aren’t able to communicate that love verbally.

One universal emotion, regardless of species? Grief. In the video below, we see a beautiful, clearly heartbroken Husky audibly sobbing at her late owner’s grave.

Be warned, it’s very powerful, especially for animal lovers:

We did warn you about the tissues…
It’s amazing to see how aware and sensitive animals can be, especially toward those who showed them so much love and affection.

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