Grandpa Builds Tiny Closet For Dog Who Loves To Wear Clothes

There’s a little dog named Pluto who loves wearing clothes. It’s not just about fashion to him, though, as it helps the tiny pup to keep warm. His mom, Twitter user Lily, discovered this shortly after adopting the dog.

Lily quickly learned something wasn’t quite right with her new rescue dog. She noticed that Pluto always seemed to be shivering and shaking and didn’t know why. The doctor said it was caused by anxiety, but Lily thought he may be cold because he’s so tiny.

So she bought him a tiny jacket, and his shaking stopped! Pluto figured he could get used to this life and settled into it quickly. 😉

But over a dozen jackets and shirts later, they were running out of space to keep it all. Thankfully, Lily’s dad came up with an adorably efficient solution.

“He built my dog a whole closet in under two days!” Lily told The Dodo. “That was amazing to me.”

Pluto loved it, too. Now he goes to the closet to pick out what he wants to wear each day. 🙂

“My dad is great at building stuff,” Lily continued. “He calls Pluto his grandson.”

At this rate, Pluto’s ever-expanding wardrobe will lead to the same problem again someday. Hopefully grandpa will be up for making a second or much larger closet at that point! 🙂

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