Grandpa George 16+ year old senior pup looking for Valentine to adopt him – Pet Rescue Report

How many of us would love for our precious dogs to have a long life, and wow – 16+ years is surely a doggy feat to celebrate. At Dallas Dog -Rescue.Rehab.Reform, George or as he is called – Grandpa George, is looking for a special Valentine to call his own and adopt him. His friends at the rescue call him a wise and gentle soul who enjoys wearing his sweaters.

George isn’t a clingy guy at all; in fact he prefers to wander aimlessly around and then settle in for his daily nap. No need to cuddle or hover over him although he is so cute, but George is perfectly content to peacefully coexist. He’s an old guy who would enjoy a warm, cozy retirement home; perhaps with a touch of assisted living?

George absolutely adores his collection of old man sweaters, and he’ll appreciate a cuddly bed and maybe even a blanket in front of the shower for those moments when he forgets where he’s going.


If you’re looking for a low-maintenance companion to share your days with, George is the perfect match. Let him warm your heart with his wise gaze and gentle presence. Adopt George and give him the retirement he deserves.

Let’s make this Valentine’s Day extra special for this senior sweetheart. And do keep in mind everyone. Should George find his Valentine before you can adopt him, please take the time to check out the other more than adorable pups who would also adore a romantic and loving home.

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