Grandpa Takes Dog To Furniture Store To Make Sure She Approves Of New Chair

Once upon a time, Aleecia Dahl’s grandpa didn’t even want a dog. But that all changed when Coco entered his life. Now they’re inseparable best friends, and what Grandpa did when he needed to get a new chair proves just that!

When Grandpa and Coco aren’t out on the town together, they’re at home relaxing in their favorite chair. But that chair eventually broke down and needed to be retired. When shopping for a new one, Grandpa had to make sure the dog liked it too!

The footrest on the lounge chair would have to be big enough to accommodate his furry pal, and there was only one way to be sure of that…

So he took Coco along to the furniture store to try them out! Together, they were able to easily identify a new favorite chair. Here’s to many more days of two best friends hanging out and lounging around!

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