Great Dane Shows Great Manners Waiting For Cat To Finish Shower

We all have a morning routine.

For this pair of furry friends, starting the day off with a shower is important to health and hygiene. It’s just not easy when they’re both on the same schedule.

Katie the great Dane and Sid the cat are two unlikely siblings, but they seem to get along just fine. And when Sid’s taking his sweet time in the shower, Katie politely waits her turn.

Perhaps Sid doesn’t have anything important on his schedule today.

Katie minds her manners outside as Sid laps up the falling spray.

Sid enjoys taking his time in the shower, and like most other cats, prefers running water to a bowl. Experts list a number of reasons why, Vetstreet reports, from the instinctual fear of sitting at a bowl to trouble actually seeing the water, but few connect it to impoliteness.

Katie is kind enough to wait for Sid to leave before she goes in. Let’s hope Sid hasn’t clogged the drain already!

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