Group Of Dogs Runs To Cool Off In A Watering Hole

When a dog owner tells these dogs to have a drink on her Australian farm, they waste no time in running to the local watering hole… an actual watering hole, that is. It’s incredible to watch how fast these 13 dogs run, and the breathtaking footage is stunning in and of itself.

Aticia Grey’s dogs take off running down the sand so fast, and you have no idea where they’re headed until a small pool — or maybe more accurately, a large bucket — comes into view.

Once the dogs make it to the mini pool, they have a blast splashing around, drinking the water, and cooling off. They even all fit inside it at the same time, which is quite a feat for so many dogs in such a small area!

Some dogs truly just love the water. There are even swimming pools designed especially for dogs. These two dogs hit up one of those swimming pools, with their owner, naturally. Although they couldn’t quite figure out how to swim, it’s hilarious to watch. Other dogs have a bit more luck on the swimming front. This compilation video shows the funniest puppies taking dives into the water, and really having a blast playing water sports.

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