Guard dog takes a break to go sledding!

All pups have a playful side to them, even if they’re professional dogs. Police dogs, for example, need to spend time goofing around when they’re not on duty just as much as any other dog does! Even service dogs, who play very important roles in a disabled person’s life, have off-duty playtime. No one can be a professional 24/7…

When this guard dog had a moment of peace and quiet in the snow, he took full advantage of the time to turn on his puppy instincts.

This sheep dog usually spends his days protecting the flock of sheep from potential predators, but when the sheep were all safe and sound in their barn or behind a protected fence, Finny was free to clock off of duty for a bit.

While he walked about the snowy hill, Finny got a genius idea. He realized that if he just flopped himself down on the ground, he could go for one really amazing ride!

Dogs are known for really loving the snow, but have you ever seen a bird that does anything like Finny before? It’s just proof that no matter what kind of being you are, there’s still the desire to have a good time. Even huge, majestic horses like to take some time to play in the snow!

Have you ever had a pet that does this before?

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