Guilty Dog Makes A Quick Getaway When He Knows He’s In Trouble

It’s so cute and funny how dogs know they did something naughty. They definitely know when they’re in trouble. And they give us that adorable guilty face as if they’re saying ,”I’m sorry, mommy.” Just like that cute French Bulldog named Niko who chewed on his mommy’s pen! He was about to enter the house, and when his mommy asked if he chewed on the pen, he backed out of the doggy door! So cute

Now here’s another adorably funny guilty dog! His name is Seven. Seven is a Great Dane, and he’s in trouble because he got into the trash, and spread all of its contents around the kitchen. He was just relaxing in the couch when his mom enters the room and asked him if he has anything to do with the mess in the kitchen. Watch the video below and see this adorable giant make a quick escape when he’s being reprimanded!

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