Guilty German Shepherd Caught Red-Handed With Owner’s Forbidden Bucket

This silly German Shepherd knows he’s not allowed to play with Dad’s blue bucket, but there’s just something about it! So when his owners go away, the dog know it’s his time to get his playing in. But he didn’t realize they’d be home so early, nor did he realize they’d have the camera rolling! 😀

Mom sees her guilty German Shepherd playing with and chewing on the forbidden blue bucket, and she starts recording. It’s not long before the dog realizes he’s being watched and turns around to see that he’s been busted. His startled look while holding the bucket in his mouth is too much! But there’s more…

The dog dramatically drops the bucket in shock as he stares toward Mom with a curled-up lip. What must be going through his mind at that exact moment! Too funny. 😀

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